Bambarakanda Waterfall

Bmbarakanda is the highest attractive waterfall in Sri Lanka with highest of about 241 meters. This is located in Baddulla district. It is very beautiful and fascinate. The local and foreign people come to this place to watch them. This water collects into the Walawe River through the Kabara gala oya



There are many natural resources gifted to us. These gifts are water, air, trees, land and other useful things we find in the environment. Water is an essential thing for the existence of fauna and flora.  Though it is a natural resource sometimes it is limited or not to be found easily. This natural resource helps man in providing them with water for drinking, cooking, washing and for various other purposes.

Also Sri Lanka being an agricultural country knows the value of water. If the water supply for irrigation is interrupted then the farmer will not be able to cultivate their lands. Inland fishing too will be affected by this. In other words while seeing the value of water as a natural resource we should be determined to conserve the water resource. Where there is green there is water everywhere.


Rain Forest

Man is blessed with natural gifts. Rain forests are such a natural resource gifted to man. Water, air, metal, fertile land and oil are some other natural resources man is blessed with. The same way these rain forests too provide man with essential things. Tree like Cactus, Cypress etc., resist the dry weather and keep the humidity favourable to man. And another important thing we should never forget is it the forests that provide man with the largest amount of oxygen. Therefore rain forest is man’s best friend that makes him breathe live and survive.









Kanneliya Forest in Sri Lanka

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Location: Kanneliya forest Reserve is located in the galle District in the Southern Province about 125 km away from Colombo. It is one of the largest forest reserves with a high bio-diversity in Sri Lanka.

Waterfalls:Inside the forest there are many streams adding life to the vegetation. Although deforestation has affected them, these streams create several beautiful cascades. There is a high rainfall in Kanneliya from May to July and again in the months of October and November, making it an ideal time to see waterfalls. The anagimale falls is the closest waterfall to the entrance of the forest reserve. It is just 2km away from the entrance. You need to go a little deeper into the forest to see the beautiful waterfall called Narangas Ella.

Bio-diversity: there are 301 plant species at Kanneliya forest reserve, some 133 animal species and 59 species of birds making it very rich in biodiversity.

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