Victoria Dam

The Victoria is highest dam in Sri Lanka, which is 400 feet high. This dam is erected across the Mahaweli River connecting to mountain. This looks like an arch. This water is used to generate the electricity and for the cultivations.


















Menik River

This river begins from mountain of Uva district and collects into the sea near the Yala national park. And Menik River flows down near the Katharagama Devalaya. Therefore it has become a sacred place. It long of 114 km.


















Kelani River

Kelani River begins from the top of the Samanala Mountain (Sripada). This river is 145 km long and it is collected into the sea near Modara in Colombo. This water is supplied to Colombo areas, and also Lakshapana, Wimala surendra and Kasal re procure stations generate electricity from this river.

Mahaweli River

Mahaweli is the longest river in Sri Lanka. It is begin from the Sripada Mountain. The long rate of this river is 340 kilo meters. The Mahaweli River collects in to the sea near the Koddiyar bay in Trincomalee. The Mahaweli River provides enough water for the cultivations. The water is allocated through the irrigation system to the paddy field. At the same time the electricity is generated by the many projects. The kandy procession is concluded by water cutting ceremony which is performed in the Mahaweli River.


Bambarakanda Waterfall

Bmbarakanda is the highest attractive waterfall in Sri Lanka with highest of about 241 meters. This is located in Baddulla district. It is very beautiful and fascinate. The local and foreign people come to this place to watch them. This water collects into the Walawe River through the Kabara gala oya


Kanneliya Forest in Sri Lanka

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Location: Kanneliya forest Reserve is located in the galle District in the Southern Province about 125 km away from Colombo. It is one of the largest forest reserves with a high bio-diversity in Sri Lanka.

Waterfalls:Inside the forest there are many streams adding life to the vegetation. Although deforestation has affected them, these streams create several beautiful cascades. There is a high rainfall in Kanneliya from May to July and again in the months of October and November, making it an ideal time to see waterfalls. The anagimale falls is the closest waterfall to the entrance of the forest reserve. It is just 2km away from the entrance. You need to go a little deeper into the forest to see the beautiful waterfall called Narangas Ella.

Bio-diversity: there are 301 plant species at Kanneliya forest reserve, some 133 animal species and 59 species of birds making it very rich in biodiversity.

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