Esala festival in Sri Lanka

Esala poya is the famous religious festival and celebrated by Buddhist people and one of the most popular festivals in Sri Lanka. And it is several important events in the history of Buddhism, the Buddha’s first sermon, Known as the “Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta” this sermon was delivered to His five disciples Kondangna, Wappa, Bhaddiya, Mahanama and Assaji at Isipathanaya in Benares, and the arrival of the Tooth Relic in Sri Lanka. Another important event in the, Esala Poya is the night in which the Prince Siddhartha was conceived in the womb of his mother Queen Maha Maya. Esala Full Moon Poya is also the day in which Prince Siddhartha renounced his royal lifestyle.

This poya celebrate in the month of July. Esala Poya is a holiday in Sri Lanka and families visit the many Temples situated around the island to offer flowers and pay homage to Lord Buddha, who preached many valuable sermons about the ideal way of life for all living beings.

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