Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival in Sri Lanka

There are many cultural festival is can be seen both religious and traditional festivals. The one is New Year which is celebrated by Sinhala and Tamil people. It falls 13th and 14th of April (also known as the month of Bak) in every year. Some special events are connected with astrology.

According to auspicious time the kindling fire on hearth, Trans action, anointing and leaving for professions are some of them. New year seasons cold the spring time, some of the main objectives are the peace and harmony among the people and the prosperity in the country.

Some traditional milk rice, bunch of banana and other sweet meats are prepaid and offer to the visitors and share with the relations and the neighbors with this their anger and the enmity can be forgotten and renew the relationships. There is special time is called “Nonagathaya”(Neutral period). The astrologers introduce this because of the changing sun from the Meena Raashi (House of Pisces) to the Mesha raashi (House of Aries).

Unusually, both the end of one year and the beginning of the next occur not at midnight but at separate times determined by astrologers with a period of some hours between being a time where one is expected to refrain from all types of work and instead engage solely in relaxing religious activities and traditional games.

During the New Year festivities, both children and adults will often dress in traditional outfits. But the clothes must be washed and very clean because it should be pure.


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