Buddhist Flag in Sri Lanka

The Buddhist flag was created and hoisted for the first time by Venerable Thera Migettuwatte Gunananda to celebrate the Vesak festival in 28th April 1885. By the Buddhist leaders under the patronage of Sir Henry Olcotte. The flag was published for the first time on “Sarasavi Sandarasa” Newspaper, and since 17th April 1885 it has been used.

Since on that day it has been hoisted Buddhist festival in the flag there are five colour stripes. Which are represented as follows.

  • Blue : Universal compassion
  • Yellow : The middle path
  • Red : Blessings
  • White : Purity and Liberation
  • Orange : Wisdom

Vertical lines represent the harmony of the world people and horizontal lines represent the world peace. The collection of the colours of flag indicates the transcendencey the Buddhism assists for the Buddhist also shown by the Buddhist flag.




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