Culture in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is very rich in culture, and it is a multi-cultural country. Because of different nations. Their lives associate with many cultural events. Sri Lankan wears some peculiar clothes. The Sinhalese’s national clothes are white sarom and long sleeves shirts.The Muslims and Tamil also having different clothes, salvar and shawl are worn by the Muslims and saree and natural flowers are used to dedicate the hair by the Tamil. But most of Sri Lankan’s wear the English materials. some special occasions wear coats and a tie.


Their most of the events are connected with many rituals, out of them the family is very important the very big relationship and mutual understanding among the family members. They respect and obey each other children’s requirements are fulfill by the parents and the look after them. Even after the marriage. The children worship the elders twice a day, before go to school and to go to bed at night. We have outstanding rituals such as before commencement the good works select an auspicious time, according to the astrology. Sinhalese believe and have a faith about this convention; for instance – “Laying a foundation to build a house, until for the house warming ceremony. Many activities are done to the auspicious time in a wedding also the same. There are number of cultural events are performed until finding a name to their baby child. The invitations for a wedding, house warming, and opening a new business. Is done offering a heap of betel leaves.”


The Buddhist offer the arms to monk in the temple and they visit the temple offer the flowers, light the oil lamps and joystick and recite panisl and gatha on poya days. The Muslims get together in the mosque on every Friday afternoons and pray god. The Tamils and Christians also visit the kovil and church and do the offering and pray the god.



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