Sri Lanka is rich in various types of foods. The staple food is Rice and Curry, which is used with some variations for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. There some traditional foods which are prepared for the New year, some festival occasion’s, weddings and when begins a good event, such as house warming ceremony, opening ceremony and reading the alphabet the traditional foods are Milk rice, oil cake, banana and other sweet meats.

Sri Lanka is popular as hospitable country, because of the foods. Most of the foods are found from the environment, which are nutritious and tasty. Some of them are leaves, yams, grains and nuts. There are many kinds of meats and very delicious sea foods are available in Sri Lanka. Many natural foods such as papaya, pineapple, mangos, banana and other fruits, they have big demand as they are sweet and juicy.

These food are cooked in various methods, some of them are famous since in the ancient time. The spices taste these foods. The Polos Embula, Kiri Kos (Jack curry), Embulthiyal (Fish) and Coconut Sambal are some of them. Most of the foods are made by the endemic plants of the country. They have the herbal value the coconut oil, vegetable oil are used mostly for cooking. Some special and different recipes are used for different occasions. The traditional foods were taken specially in villages for some occasions and they used natural materials for cooking eating; like clay pots, banana and louts leaves to eat.




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