General Information about Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is one of the greatest island in the world and it’s 435km(270 miles) long 240km(150 miles) wide. It is known as the pearl in the Indian Ocean, because it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. In the ancient time it was ruled by the English people. Some other countries captured and governed, because of the treasure and natural harbors. They found species, tea and gems mainly. Plenty of sunny beaches, rivers starting from the hill country, waterfalls, picturesque landscapes, climatic conditions admired by foreigners and many varieties of greeneries enrich our natural beauty. It is the works of fine art done by our forefathers, place in Sri Lanka high among other countries of the world.

Sri Lanka is in the ancient time called by “Thambapanni”. Ancient cities like Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, depict the glory of the kingdoms of good old days and fine arts such as Sigirya, Aukana Buddha Pilimaya and huge water tanks, like Parakrama Samudraya and Minneriya tank the our ancestors had. The existing ruins tell us how civilized, prosperous and determined nations the Sri Lanka were under the reigns of the kings in the past. According to the first king was the Wijaya (A.D.543) and the last king was Sri Wikrama Rajasingha (B.C. 1798-Kandy) in Sri Lanka. The country is governed by president now.

There were pioneer kings and great people dedicated even their lives to save the country. Some of them were “Wariyapola sumangala thero, Veera kepitipola nilame, Gongale goda banda, etc…” So Sri Lanka became independent country in, 1948 February 04.  Ever since we live as a free nation. And also independent day is celebrated on 04th February in every year, mainly at the independent square in Colombo. The march-past is held by the three forces to honor for this event.

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Its location is geographically very important. The neighboring country is India. The middle part consist range of mount while the rest of the part is a plain the hill country is very cold and the other parts are very dry. These are cold ‘wet zone and dry zone’ most of the longest rivers begin from the hill country. The water falls down to the plains generating electricity. They help to fertile in the low lands. The tea, vegetables are grown well in the hill country. The paddy and coconut grow in the low lands.

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