National Sport in Sri Lanka

Our national sport of Sri Lanka is Volleyball. It was officially recognized as the national sport of Sri Lanka in 1991 and the sport was introduced to Sri Lanka by Mr. Robort Wolter Camack in 1916 and introduced to world by Mr. Williyam G. Mogan in 1895. However, there is an opinion that Sri Lankans played a similar sport before its introduction. Elle had recognition as a national sport before volleyball.

It is played in a court. There are two sides in a team, and 12 players are nominated and out of them six players take part for the team. There are fixed rules and regulations. This is played by both girls and boys. There is a net between two courts. The match is judge by a main referee and another one and two linesman. This game is played by many countries all over the world.

The Federation is built on 62 affiliated organizations and Managed by an honorary Committee of 25 members. The Current President of SLVF (Sri Lanka Volley Ball Federation) is Hon. Dilan Perera, the minister of Ports Development and the Secretary General is Mr. Susil Ranasinghe.

It also has International affiliations to the FIVB and AVC. It’s also accredited to the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Sri Lanka. From, 1980, the Federation participated in the Asian Senior and Junior Men’s & Women’s Championships. In 2002 the Federation successfully hosted the 12th Asian Junior Women’s Championship.


Court Structure of Volleyball


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