Sripada Mountain

Sripada is a religious place for the Buddhist, the Tamil and Christians believe this place belong to them also. The Sripada is on the summit of Samanala Mountain. This situated in Sabaragamuwa district.The height of this mountain is 2243 meters and is 7360 feet above sea level. There are four major rivers Mahaweli, Kelani, Kalu and Walawe begin from the top of this mountain. This is also known as Adam’s Peak, Sivanadi, Padam, Samanala Kanda and Sri Pada.

We (Buddhists) believe this is of the Load Buddha. There is a foot print carved out of the rock. As well as Christians are believed this is of the Adam’s foot print and Hindus believe God Shiva’s foot print. This most sacred place is worshiped and honored by the many thousands of pilgrimas.

There are two main routes to reach Sri Pada. One is the rail road or high road to go to Hatton and then proceed. The next is the Ratnapura- Kuruvita road. The pilgrims can go up to Nallathanni where the Makara Torana is built; from then onwards it is a four mile walk through tea estates and rugged mountainous areas. Mostly people climb the rock at night.

The devotees visit this place from December (full moon poya day) to May (vesak full moon poya day). There are few specific places such as, Seetha Gangula, Indi katupaana, Geththam paana, Heramiti paana and and the most difficult climb is Mahagiridabha find when the pilgrims climb Sripada. And also the pilgrims never forget to watch the sun rise or “Hiru Sevaya”,  which is wonderful seen from the east.

After paying homage to the foot print, the belfry is sounded by pilgrims who reach the top. This is done according to the number of times visited. This is one of the 16(sixteen) sacred place of Sri Lanka.







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