Kandalama Lake in Sri Lanka

The Kandalama Reservoir (also erroneously known as the Kandalama Lake) is a reservoir in   Kandalama, Sri Lanka. The reservoir is created by the 21 m (69 ft) high and 1,600 m (5,200 ft) wide Kandalama Dam. Water from the dam is used for irrigation purposes in the region, extending up to Kekirawa. The tank was created by constructing a dam across one of the main tributaries of Kala Wewa – the Mirisgoniya River. During 1952 to 1957, the tank was rehabilitated by Department of Irrigation of Sri Lanka. The reservoir and hotel is situated with the Kalidiya Pokuna Forestarcheological site.

The reservoir measures 4.8 km (3.0 mi) and 2.3 km (1.4 mi) at its longest length and width respectively, with a catchment area of 102 km2 (39.4 sq mi) and a volume of 33,300,000 m3 (1.18×109 cu ft). Due to its scenic surroundings, and year-round water availability, the reservoir is a very popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

As well as today Kandalama stands as a testament to ancient architectural knowledge and promotes irrigation and the local fishing industry. It still remains one of the most beautiful reservoirs of the country, admired by the many visitors. . It has also been a famous site of tourism even during the era of the British invasion of Ceylon in the 1800s.

Today Kandalama Wewa Reservoir is an integrated water body of the grand Mahaweli Multipurpose irrigation Scheme and Catchment: 102 Sq.km; length of the dam: 1600meters; height of the dam: 21meters; capacity: 33.3 million cu. Meters.

As well as the reservoir measures 4.8 km (3.0 miles) long and 2.3 km (1.4 miles) across at its largest parts; with a catchment area of 102 km2 (39.4 square miles) and a volume of 33,300,000 m3 (1.18×109 cubic ft). The ancient wall of the dam itself has a massive height of 21 m (69 ft) and width of 1,600 m (5,200 ft), making visitors wonder if it was built by giants. The reservoir has water all throughout the year and provides irrigation extending up to the distant Kekirawa region.

Aware of this peculiarity in the character of their rivers, the Singhalese built retaining walls that support the waters of the lake of Kandelle (Kandalama) with such solidity and massiveness as to defy the utmost fury of the mountain torrents. Nearly the whole of its extent is formed with vast hewn masses of rock, faced with stones eight or ten feet thick at the base, placed like steps, and laid in regular layers, to move which by sheer physical force must have required the united labor of thousands.”

As well as Amongst the craggy regions of the Central province of Sri Lanka is a placid and beautiful man-made lake, which is actually the Kandalama Reservoir. Created by kings of long gone times in order to provide water for farming irrigation; the the Kandelle or Candelay reservoir, as it was also known, is located in the town of Kandalama and was made by damming one of the main tributaries of Kala Wewa.


  • Kandalama Wewa ancient irrigation reservoir

Kandalama Wewa ancient irrigation reservoir at Kandalama, Dambulla that extends the lifeline to the cultivators of the agricultural zone is located 8km north-east of UNSECO World Heritage Site of Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple. Kandalama Wewa, a loveliest reservoir in Sri Lanka irrigate the farmlands of ; suppot fishery; supply drinking water; provide recreation and relaxation to the cultivators.

Kandalama Wewa ancient man-made irrigation reservoir is nearly surrounded by large hills: and in the extent, where no natural barrier had been in existence for the waters, an embankment was constructed of hewn stones, piled up twenty feet high, and from 150 to 200 feet thick at the base, and a mile and one-thirdlong. .


  • Kandalama Hotel



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