Sembuwatta Lake in Sri Lanka

Sembuwatta Lake is a tourist attraction situated at Elkaduwa in the Matale District of Sri Lanka, adjacent to the Campbell’s Lane Forest Reserve. Sembuwatta Lake is a man-made lake created from natural spring water. Alongside the lake is a natural swimming pool. Swimming pool with natural spring water is there surrounded by the tea estate.

This Lake Sembuwtta, a heavenly beautiful lake of natural spring water which is one of the major attractions in the hill country. Set amidst a widely spread tea gardens, its calm, cool environment is one of the most charming you could find in the area. Rising above the lake are the beautiful green mountains with a thick pines forest where you can take time to climb up. Beside the lake, there is a pool with natural spring water, there are summer huts and cottages around this magnificent lake and you will be amazed to find how calm, quiet and peaceful the environment around lake Sembuwatta. As well as it is set amongst the sprawling tea gardens, and reflects the environment at its most magnificent.




It is situated 25 Km away from the Matale city and 30 km away from Kandy. Sembuwaththa Lake is nearly 170km from the capital city of the Island, Colombo and 22km from Matale town. The travelers have to pass the hard turning yet totally alluring roads between Elkaduwa town and Sembuwaththa Lake. The road from Elkaduwa to Sembuaththa Lake is narrow and too many bends. Road is not in very good condition but can be reached by a car.

Sembuwatta Lake is believed to be 9 m (30 ft) to 12 m (39 ft) deep. Currently The Lake belongs to the Elkaduwa Plantations Ltd. The lake is maintained and kept opened to the visitors by the Cooperative Society of the Elkaduwa State Workers. Therefore, when you enter the lake you will have to pay. On the way to the lake you will see the pipe lines which are used to generate electricity to run the factory and a small waterfall where the pipe lines get its water.

The area is owned, preserved and maintained by the estate. As we hear, the lake dates back to 1960’s. Even though it has such a long history, Sembuwatta got popular as a tourist attraction only about 5 years ago. Probably the Estate opened it for viewing at that time. Within few years, this beautiful place was known by many travelers who loves mountains and lakes and of course, by photographers. And also Sembuwaththa Lake and Leisure Park is designed in a way to provide a fantastic holiday destination with lots of leisure activities and facilities by the present management.





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